SRG is a unique company embodying diverse and deep healthcare technology experience.

Our mission is to improve patient health by helping our customers build affordable custom healthcare software applications and solutions.

While software development can be challenging, offshore development can be VERY challenging.

Traditional offshore and virtualized development projects have a mixed track record. Low hourly rates seem very attractive but achieving quality results can be challenging, given diverse cultures, communication styles, and time zones.  

There has to be a better way to do offshore development with high quality and discounted rates. 

In 2012, SRG began to explore alternative near-shore sources of primary software development talent with the goal of building a world-class technical capability, which embodies cultural and communication symbiosis with US-based customers, is committed to software excellence, and can deliver quality software at offshore rates. A tough set of criteria to meet!

There is a better way. Hello Portugal!

We identified beautiful sunny Portugal as an optimal and underutilized source for great tech. In 2013, SRG founder, Dave Wesley moved to Porto, Portugal, and established a team of extremely talented development partners/resources which has grown to over 50 people strong, including developers, systems architects, designers, business analysts, scrum masters, project managers, quality assurance specialists, systems integration specialists, and devops experts.

Together, SRG’s domestic US-based and European integrated teams have been resuscitating floundering off-shore projects, building new products and apps, and making customers happy. All of our team members learn and embody SRG's contemporary virtualized organic agile methodology and have a strong commitment to writing great reusable code, providing consistent and transparent interaction with our customer project teams, and meeting customer business product release deadlines - all at discounted rates compared to US-based resources.  

What does “sursumcorda” mean?

Many people ask what "sursumcorda" means and how it relates to healthcare software development. Fair question! Sursumcorda [soo r-soo m kawr-dah] is a Latin musical term meaning "uplifting refrain".

Developing great software solutions resembles writing, producing, and conducting epic music... leveraging and coordinating the perfect balance of right and left brain talents, as we do at Sursumcorda Resource Group.

Although, it may be a bit difficult to pronounce, it’s meaningful to us and it reflects our approach to doing business, communicating with our customer partners, and building software. We've been orchestrating software solutions for healthcare under the Sursumcorda brand since 2000.

Dave Wesley  Founder & CEO  LinkedIn

Dave Wesley
Founder & CEO

Dave began his 30+ year healthcare information technology career as a software developer with Accenture and since has worked with Fortune 1000 and small start-up companies to design, develop, and implement progressive software solutions.

He has also founded and led several healthcare information systems businesses, including Velocity Healthcare Informatics, the first commercial patient-centered outcomes software company in the United States, which was acquired in 1996. 

Dave maintains a high level of activity supporting grant funded research. His longest standing client relationship is with Health Partners affiliated International Diabetes Center (IDC), in Minneapolis, where he has directed diabetes research data management and informatics development for several decades. He is named as co-inventor on patents related to IDC’s capturAGP Ambulatory Glucose Profile report, which has been adopted as an international standard by leading device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Dave is also an active musician, music producer, and occasional DJ.

He obtained his degree in Economics and graduated Phi Beta Kappa & Summa Cum Laude at the University of North Dakota.

Rui Pedrosa  Chief Technology Officer  LinkedIn

Rui Pedrosa
Chief Technology Officer

Rui has a solid track record of architecting and implementing secure scalable software solutions within tight budget and timeline constraints. He also has extensive experience building, managing, and coordinating development teams using agile process and strong technical leadership. He has a passion for developing robust and reusable code, pushing automation forward, helping teams to perform and customers to succeed.

Rui’s career arc, as an information technology professional, has been comprised of building and operating secure high volume/concurrency mission critical software for healthcare, financial services, and transportation business domains.

Before joining SRG, Rui was instrumental in expanding Netherlands-based Basecone’s development capabilities into Porto, Portugal. As one of the first three Basecone Porto employees, his leadership underpinned the successful growth of the Porto office from 3 to over 30 people by helping to create an exceptional culture, evangelizing great engineering and organizational practices, recruiting and mentoring talented developers, and improving overall development efficiency.

Rui enjoys traveling, mountain biking, spending quality time with his family, and personally coding passion projects.

Ric Speaker  Partner  LinkedIn

Ric Speaker

For over 40 years Ric has been involved in healthcare software. The first 10 years included practice management systems as VP of Marketing at Omni American and later as GM at IDX respectively. He then migrated to a career as a serial entrepreneur involved in both the provider and payer verticals.

Ric’s experience ranges from acquiring and commercializing a software asset from Anthem, to creating a sales organization acquired in a 7 company roll-up, to co-founding an early Business and Clinical Intelligence software company. These resulted in three successful exits as mergers and/or P.E. acquisitions with a 39X return on invested capital.

For 9 years Ric has been lecturing for the UCLA MPH program and he has co-authored two text- books on IT in Healthcare with his focus on business/clinical intelligence and analytics. He co-founded The Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole 10 years ago which brings together 75+/- C-level healthcare executives. He has an Economics degree from the of University of Wisconsin with course work in finance at the University of North Carolina.

Bernadette Wesley  Director Organizational Development  LinkedIn

Bernadette Wesley Director Organizational Development

Bernadette assists SRG with team development, strategic planning, leadership development, organizational redesign, and change management. She creates and implements the training of SRG’s team in the Sociocratic Circle Method for self-organization and company-wide agility.

With 25+ years in diverse organizational environments including corporate, small business, nonprofits and start-ups, Bernadette brings a unique perspective that allows her to bridge the complex world of constant change that organizations are facing today.

Her experience includes Sr. Marketing Analyst for Honeywell, Inc, CEO of Creative Woodwork International, and Director of an alternative school based in holistic learning. Bernadette is a Certified Advanced EFT Coach and has advanced training in Sociocracy.

Axel Stenson  Project Manager and Business Analyst  LinkedIn

Axel Stenson
Project Manager and Business Analyst

Axel works with SRG as a Project Manager and Business Analyst and has been with Sursumcorda for five years. He has experience working with both large and small scale development projects across a variety of industries with a specialization in healthcare. As a Project Manager and Business Analyst, Axel works to facilitate open communication and teamwork while overseeing performance and strategic project planning. Before working as a Project Manager, he worked as a Quality Assurance Manager and Analyst where he designed and ran manual testing and built out automated tests while working within an agile framework. With big-picture experience as a Business Analyst and a detail-focused mindset coming from his time in Quality Assurance, Axel is adept at keeping the project on timeline and budget while not losing track of the detailed requirements needed when building great software.

His education history includes the University of Minnesota, where he graduated with a BA in Computer Science, and CUNY - Hunter College, where he was a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program.

In his free time, Axel enjoys cooking, hiking, photography, design, music, and travel. When he is not working, he can frequently be found playing basketball at the local park.