Custom Healthcare Software & Solutions

SRG has served as wholly outsourced technology teams and as augmentation to existing internal teams. This approach enables our customer partners to dynamically throttle up and down technology spend, as needed, without the commitment to a more traditional static financial overhead burden.

SRG’s customers have achieved high value technology outcomes using our “no-shore” approach, blending domestic and near-shore expert technical, design, and project management resources, which has resulted in significant cost savings and efficiency, without sacrificing software quality or native communications efficiency.  

Recent projects:

  • Enterprise chronic care management platform ground up multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS architecture and application rebuild plus legacy system support and maintenance - Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, .Net, Angular.js, React Native, iOS, Android, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NextGen Connect, AWS, ClearDATA

  • Member engagement analytics dashboards and platform development - Amazon QuickSight, MySQL, AWS

  • Clinical weight loss web and mobile application with medical device integration - Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React Native, iOS, Bluetooth LE, AWS

  • Patient engagement program management platform development and support - PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, AWS

  • Senior care management machine learning assisted analytics, clinical decision support, workflow management, and secure communications with deep EHR integration to support value based care initiatives (integrating risk stratification, connected care and social determinants of health, etc.) - .Net, SQL Server, PowerBI, Azure Machine Learning Service, Angular.js, React, React Native, Azure, NextGen Connect

  • Advanced Directives for emergency, critical and advance care planning service mobile development - iOS

  • Diabetes informatics (Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) and capturAGP web applications) and education platform development and support - Java, Javascript, PostgreSQL, WordPress, AWS, WPEngine

  • Clinical and biospecimen databases front-end application development - AngularJS, Java

  • Mobile health and wellness coaching platform with learning engine for personalized user engagement - Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, iOS, Android, Heroku

  • Healthcare enterprise secure communication and workflow management full platform architecture and application development - Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, PostgreSQL, NextGen Connect, AWS

  • Integrated care management and patient data collection/reporting platform - .Net, SQL Server, Angular.js, Azure

  • Mobile post-procedure recovery integrated with associated medical devices - Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, iOS, Android, Heroku

  • Benefit engagement platform mobile development projects - Android, iOS

  • Mobile document management - React Native, Android, iOS

  • Several technology assessment and architecture planning projects for investment due diligence.